Seed Inoculant Type EL-Garden Combo



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Seed Inoculant Type EL-Garden Combo

Seed Inoculant Type EL-Garden Combo, is specially formulated to provide the optimum rhizoid bacteria/legume balance needed to get the most out of your seed. The EL Type Garden Combo Inoculant is the most versatile inoculant that we offer. Failing to pre-inoculate your seed can result in poor seed performance, or even crop failure. Seed Inoculant Type EL- Garden Combo is tailored specifically for the following legumes: Sunn HempAeschynomeneHairy VetchAlyce CloverIndigoIron&Clay Peas (Cowpeas)Frostmaster PeasAustrian Winter PeasWhistler Winter PeasPartridge Peas, and others.

Each package if Garden Combo Inoculant will treat up to 50 lbs. of seed.


Why Inoculate Legumes?

Inoculation may be defined as the process of adding effective bacteria to the host plant seed before planting. The purpose of inoculation is to make sure that there is enough of the correct type of bacteria present in the soil so that a successful legume-bacterial symbiosis is established. Legumes require a specific species of rhizoid bacteria to aid in the nodule forming process. Most inoculants are peat based (this gives them their dark color), and are clearly labeled for the types of seed that they work with.

To inoculate your seed, follow the directions on the package. The procedures for inoculation have changed slightly as the bacteria-seed relationship is better understood. For example, older directions may have had you mix cola with the seed/inoculant for use as a “sticker’. This is now discouraged as the acidity of the cola may harm the bacteria. If a “sticker” is needed, a solution of one part sugar to four parts water will suffice.

We realize that inoculating larger quantities of seed may not be feasible for some customers. If you would like for us to inoculate you seed for you, please call us at (863) 635-4473 and we can set it up. The inoculation fee will be $ .10/pound (the same as our blending fee), plus the cost of the seed and appropriate inoculant. There is a 250 lb. minimum to inoculate.

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