Erosion Control Seed Fall and Winter – 50 lb

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Shipping Weight: 50lbs


Pasture Seed Rate: 50 lbs/acre
Seed Depth: 1/4in to 1/2in
Planting Time: Fall/Winter
pH: 5.5-6.5
Fertilizer: 16-4-8

Erosion Control Seed Fall and Winter – 50 lb

Erosion Control Seed Fall and Winter – 50 lb bag

Erosion control is an important facet of grassing. When new construction or renovation takes place, there is often a need for soil stabilization. Retention pond banks, dike slopes, septic tank mounds, road shoulders and other projects that leave bare soil upon completion require erosion control to maintain the newly formed work. These applications require blended seeds to be effective. The blends vary depending on the time of year for planting, and the planting zone. A typical Florida blend will consist of Bahia, a quick-germinating host (millet or rye depending on the time of year), and Hulled Bermuda. We offer a Spring/Summer Erosion Control Blend and a Fall/Winter Erosion Control Blend. The Spring/Summer Blend consists of 60% Pensacola Bahia, 30% Browntop Millet and 10% Common Bermudagrass. The Fall/Winter Blend is the same, but with 30% Annual Rye instead of Browntop Millet. At Wise Seed Company we custom blend our seeds for any application, and will provide guidance to help our customers meet any of their erosion control needs. Please call us at (863) 635-4473, and we will be happy to help formulate the ideal blend for your needs. This item is made to order, though sometimes we will have loose bags on hand. Please call for availability.

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