Creeping Red Fescue Seed – 50 lb


Shipping Weight: 50lbs


Pasture Seed Rate: 150-250 lbs/acre
Seed Depth: 1/8in to 1/4in
Planting Time: Spring or Fall
pH: 5.5-6.5

Creeping Red Fescue Seed – 50 lb

Creeping Red Fescue Seed – 50 lb bag

Fescues are a family of finely bladed grasses adapted to growing in transitional or cooler zones. Fescues can withstand some heat and most are drought resistant once established. Fescues can be utilized as pasture forage grass, lawns or turf. The characteristics of fescues are similar across the different varieties. Creeping Red Fescue is a slower-germinating, slower-growing fescue variety. It is suitable for mountainous-type lawn applications. Creeping Red Fescue is an excellent companion grass to Kentucky Bluegrass as it adds more shade tolerance than Bluegrass alone. This fescue does not do well in warmer climates.

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