Share-Harvest Program

As a partner in the share-harvest program with Wise Seed Company, Inc., you the grower, are responsible for fertilization, mowing and cattle management as advised by Wise Seed Company, Inc. Fields must be mowed no more than 60 days prior to harvest. Absolutely no fields will be harvested that have not been mowed as advised. Fields that produce harvestable seed shall be harvested in a timely manner by Wise Seed Company, Inc., after which it will be dried, cleaned, bagged and tested for purity and germination. After the test results have been received, the grower will have the option to pick up their 50% share of the total yield. However, if the grower does not want their share, Wise Seed Company, Inc. will help sell the grower’s share at the current wholesale market value. Wise Seed Company, Inc will not be held liable for any grower share that is not picked up or sold by the grower.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the share-harvest program procedures, please feel free to contact Tony Wise, Production Manager, at 863-528-3218.

**A minimum of 100 acres is required to participate in the Share-Harvest Program**