How To Grow Grass In Florida

Helpful Hints for Growing Grass in Florida


Where can I have my soil tested?

University of Florida Soil Lab

What is the seed rate for a yard?

5-10 pounds per 1000 sq ft

What is the seed rate for a pasture?

20-50 pounds per acre, depending on what type seed you want to plant.

What is the better Bahia seed for my yard?

Argentine Bahiagrass…it is not as tough on your mower as Pensacola Bahiagrass.

How often should I water my yard?

Fresh planted seeds should be watered on a daily basis…once seed is established and growing, you can water about 3-4 times a week.

When should I fertilize my yard?

The best results would be to spread your fertilize out when you seed your yard.

Established yard: Fertilize in the Spring generally after the last frost. DO NOT fertilize when your grass is young and tender or you will kill it.

What type fertilizer should I use on my yard?

16-8-8 is a good one to use…however if not available, the higher the first number the better the fertilizer will be.

How do I cover the seed once planted?

Use a light drag or rake. Drags are usually homemade with chain link fence and 4×4 posts.

You want to lightly cover the seed. DO NOT bury the seed.

Where can I get St. Augustine seed?

St. Augustine is a SOD-only grass. There is not a seed form sold.